Newsletter 2000

President’s Message

This has been a year of achievement and consolidation, and considerable expenditure, with the major project – the new video Our National Flag … Since 1901 – being completed. This new video, based on our original production, Making Our Flags will be launched on the 99th Birthday of the Australian National Flag, at the historic Holy Trinity (Garrison) Church, at the Rocks on 3 September 2000. The Reverend Brian Seers has granted special permission for the video to be screened in the Church at midday on Sunday, Australian National Flag Day. All members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to bring their friends. The new video, with teaching aid prepared by Educator Toni Field, will soon be available for purchase or sponsorship at $25.00 per kit (including postage).

Preparations for the vitally important celebrations of the centenary of our National Flag of Stars and Crosses are well in-hand as detailed in this newsletter.

Recently the State ANFA branch Presidents met for extended discussions, which addressed the issues that affect the future direction of the Association. It was a highly successful gathering, resulting in major upgrade of our Internet homepage, which should soon be implemented.

There are still disturbing developments occurring, including the effective demotion of the Australian White and RAAF ensigns. The Commonwealth Government’s recent proclamation of the Australian Defence Force Ensign (formerly the Tri-Service flag) as an official Australian flag under the Flags Act, has downgraded the Australian White and RAAF ensigns. ANFA is at “Action Stations” on this matter and we are calling all members “To Arms”.

On a happier note, I am delighted to commend in particular our unflagging and totally dedicated Office Manager, Ted Eggins and Gwen Carruthers for maintaining and developing the ANFA office. Sincere thanks for a job well done!

The Governor-General’s Flag Day Message 2000, is a fitting reminder of the values of our chief national symbol:

“In the 99 years that have passed since the first raising of our flag Australia has grown as a nation and as a people. But the values and the principles, which our flag symbolises and which inspired our forebears to found the nation are unchanged”.

Hope to see you and your friends on Australian National Flag Day at the Garrison Church.

John Christian Vaughan