John Vaughan ANFA NSW

Vexillographer John Vaughan Questions about Flag protocol?

John Vaughan is a vexillographer and is considered to be Australia’s leading authority on the design, etiquette, protocol and history of flags. He has been chief executive of the Royal Australian Historical Society and was appointed by Sir Colin Hines to help launch the Australian National Flag Association (ANFA) in 1983.

John served as President of ANFA (NSW) for many years and proposed the concept of Australian National Flag Day at the inaugural public meeting. After thirteen years of active lobbying, Governor-General, Sir William Deane proclaimed Flag Day, 3 September as an annual national day of commemoration. Since 2008, 3 September is also officially Proclaimed Merchant Navy Day.

Much of John’s time is spent speaking on the history and meaning of flags, having given more than 3,000 talks, many radio/television interviews and participated in a number of flag debates. Since 1973 he has been making flags specialising in replica historical flags of Australasia.

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